Unleash Your True Self

Have you lost touch with who you really are?

Do you have a nagging inner voice that you’re afraid to listen to?

Do you feel unworthy of living the life you truly wish to live?

I can hold a safe space for you to openly express yourself and unpack the layers of stress and unexpressed emotions that may be keeping you from being your own best friend and living an authentic life.

We have been Divinely created to be our own authorities.

However, many of us have forgotten or lost that connection by the constant bombardment of media and our childhood programming that leaves us buying into limiting beliefs and ideas about who we are and who we can be.

The resulting stress, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, and discontent with life, negatively impact our relationships and ability to communicate effectively.

Engaging in energy work supports you by reminding you who you really are by uncovering limiting beliefs and rewriting old stories that no longer serve your natural expansion.

Engaging in energy work supports you by reminding you of who you really are, by unmoving limiting beliefs and rewriting the old stories that no longer serve your natural expansion.  

You will feel more relaxed and at peace, confident and empowered and more energized so you can live from your authentic self!

Joan Eaton - Intuitive Guide

Hi, I’m an intuitive guide, energy healer, kundalini yoga instructor, speech pathologist, and spiritual integrator. I guide people toward uncovering and moving through blocks, whether emotional, physical, mental or energetic that keeps them from stepping into the fullness of who they are.

For the past 33 years, I’ve been helping people develop effective communication through my work as a Speech Language Pathologist.  As a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, I empower others by helping them find their voice and speak their truth.

My deep devotion and commitment, along with my humor and open hearted spirit, support people who feel stressed out, stuck, and "off course" in life to uncover their true voices so they can live empowered and gratifying lives.

Service Options

Individual sessions offered in person at my home office in Milford, MA or through Zoom

Intuitive Guidance and Energy Healing

Either in person in my home office with Covid precautions or through a secure Zoom platform, you will be held in a safe and supportive space as you explore those areas of your life where you feel stressed, stuck, or confused. First, you will receive intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, alternative perspectives, and/or suggestions for exercises that will move blocked energy in order to begin opening up channels for greater clarity and self-knowledge. Next, you will be asked to lie down in a comfortable, cozy place where you will be gently guided into deep relaxation as you receive Reiki and full spectrum energy. This is an opportunity for you to let go of external stress and experience the gift of your true essence. You will feel relaxed, grounded and more empowered to face life's challenges. Finally, after you are guided out of the session, you will receive a consultation regarding the experience.

60 minutes $125

90 minutes $175

Kundalini Yoga-Guidance and Energy Healing

Kundalini yoga is an ancient science that is intended to awaken the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine, to move it up through the central channel, the energy centers (chakras), and the crown of the head in order to obtain greater intuition and self-awareness. Your session would include a private yoga class specifically selected to address an area of your life where you may be feeling weak or blocked. During the relaxation portion of the yoga class, once your glandular system has been stimulated, you will be asked to rest in a comfortable and supportive location in order to surrender to a full spectrum energy healing uniquely paired with the movement you just completed. This is an opportunity for you to let go of external stress and experience the gift of your true essence. You will feel relaxed, grounded, and more empowered to face life's challenges. After you are guided out of the session, you will receive a consultation regarding the experience.

90 minutes $197

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL $25 off your first session (Contact me for booking code)

How Energy Work Supports You

Unleash your voice and set yourself free!

Remind yourself who you really are.

Unpack your limiting beliefs.

Rewrite those old stories that no longer serve your natural expansion.

Feel more relaxed, confident and energized.

Live from your authentic self!

7 Days to Self-Discovery

Take the next 7 days to truly connect with yourself
using these simple, yet powerful, techniques.

What people are saying…

I had a wonderful distance session with Joan! She held such a strong, yet gentle and non-judgmental space for me to express what I was going through. I recently had emergency surgery and was feeling some trauma around the experience. Using several tools in her toolbox, Joan helped me process and release these intense emotions and replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations. We ended with a beautiful, guided meditation that helped to calm and start the integration process. I had been having trouble falling asleep, but I fell asleep quickly and had a great night’s rest! I am so grateful for Joan’s compassion and ability to know exactly what I needed in the moment. I am blessed to have her on my healing team. I cannot recommend her enough!

D. M. New Hampshire

I saw Joan for chronic health problems that were getting worse and not responding to medical care.  Our session was amazing and included practical things I could do, as well as, an understanding of what was happening energetically and how to address that.  I felt hope return after seeing Joan and felt empowered to regain my health!  Her presence is calming and her skills as a healer are outstanding.  I felt better immediately and continue to see improvement.  An unexpected surprise was that I began sleeping well after seeing Joan! I look forward to many more sessions with Joan.  

Gina B.

Joan is someone who truly listens and hears you, encouraging you to speak and lend voice to what’s going on inside.  She creates a space of loving, fun and safety for you to be able to do so.  Joan has a way of uncovering the blocks that are holding you back.  She lovingly guides you in recognizing your truths aids you in speaking it, and helps you show up authentically in your life.  I highly recommend working with Joan.

Janna W.

Joan embodies her life experiences and uses them as tools to guide her clients toward healing and expansion.  She creates a heart centered loving space, in presence and harmony, for deep transformation to happen.  I highly recommend Joan and her services.

Jane B

Prior to the session, I was feeling a general heaviness and sense of all-around yuck, as well as, being over-stimulated and my nerves being too sensitive.  During the session, we worked on resetting fight or flight, becoming more grounded and focusing and pulling from past positive life experiences to create a sense of safety and wellness.  After the session, I took a shaman bath and soaked up some good mineral salts then imagined any residual yuck washing down the drain.  I found myself going around the condo and in a very peaceful mind, tidying up and organizing.  It felt like that activity was mirroring what was happening inside; a return to order and I had that sense you get when you experience a big sigh of relief…like a big, “Ahhh, that’s better!”

Joe L

I felt elated and uplifted as a result of the healing session.  Joan is very talented and insightful.  The session flowed in a gentle, purposeful way to manifest results that provided a lasting benefit based on my personal experience.  I highly recommend Joan and hope to have another session with her again soon.    

Mary W.                                                                                    

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